King’s launches environment centre

King’s College London has launched its Centre for Environmental Assessment, Management and Policy (CEAMP) King’s College London to act as a focal point for environmental research.

CEAMP it is a virtual centre within King’s, opened on 24 July. CEAMP Director, Angela Gurnell, said: ‘The Centre has been established with two major aims: to be the focal point for integrating natural and social science environmental research across the College, and to provide a portal for public and private sector access to research and skills within the College in the area of environmental assessment, management and policy.’

Gurnell said that the widespread extreme rainfall and flooding across central and southern England during this week was a clear illustration of why such a Centre is needed.

CEAMP staff are already involved in a range of research projects, including developing new methods for assessing, and rehabilitating urban rivers with the Environment Agency, including a study on the embanked Thames in Central London in collaboration with Thames 21. Other projects include monitoring and modelling the micrometeorology and hydroclimatology of cities, including a study of the nature and characteristics of London’s urban heat island for the Greater London Authority, and ongoing work on the implications of the urban climate for human health.