Kitagawa Offers 25% Discount On All Chick Workholding Products

A massive 25% discount on the full range of Chick workholding equipment is available until 30 November 2007 through Kitagawa Europe’s autumn ‘Productivity Promotion’.

Providing the ultimate workholding solution for CNC machining operations, Chick systems improve manufacturing throughput and repeatability, while reducing set-up, loading/unloading and non-productive time within machining cycles.

The promotion covers all products in Chick’s long-established M-series and innovative System 5 workholding series, including Qwik-Lok units, 4 or 6-faced Multi-Lok fixtures, Pneu-Dex indexing systems and the company’s versatile foundation plates.

System 5 is at the heart of Chick’s latest generation workholding products. Each item is sealed to avoid the ingress of swarf and provides secure and dependable component location under all production conditions, including high volume operations.

Units are available in six sizes from 50 mm to 150 mm for both horizontal and vertical machining centre work and feature snap-on reversible jaws for fast change-overs; precision die cut jaw location for assured accuracy; and corrosion resistant stainless steel slide assemblies for a long service life.

The system’s low profile jaws, which can be easily machined to accommodate a wide variety of product geometry, ensure maximum cutter accessibility. In parallel, Qwik-Lok, Multi-Lok and Pneu-Dex systems enable multiple operations to be undertaken in a single set-up and several components to be machined in a single cycle – further boosting productivity.

Versatility is also a key feature of Chick foundation plates, enabling users to minimise the changeover times of all workholding equipment – not just Chick products.

These precision ground, 35 mm cast iron plates incorporate a 50 mm alphanumeric grid of 12 mm diameter bushed and tapped holes for fast and accurate location of all fixture types. In addition, the holes are sealed by removable chip plugs to prevent the build up of swarf.
Developed to simplify the design, cataloguing and utilisation of fixtures, Chick foundation plates are tailored to each customer’s machine tool configuration and are supplied complete with all the hardware required to mount them to the machine table.

Throughout the offer period, Kitagawa is inviting customers to discover the benefits of using Chick workholding solutions for themselves by calling 01725 514000 to arrange a free on-site demonstration.

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