L-3’s Link awarded $26.2 million contract

L-3 Communications today announced that its Link Simulation and Training division has been awarded $26.2 million in initial funding from Boeing to build F/A-22 pilot training simulators.

The total value of this newly awarded F/A-22 pilot trainer production contract is expected to reach $36 million. The contract calls for Link to deliver four full mission trainers, five weapons tactics trainers and an egress procedures trainer to the US Air Force in the latter part of 2004.

This award brings all of Link’s F/A-22 pilot and maintenance trainer program contracts to $180 million in combined value since Link initially won the Raptor training devices contracts in 1997. The F/A-22 pilot and maintenance trainer programs are expected to grow to a combined value exceeding $250 million as a result of anticipated follow-on training device orders through to 2009.

According to L-3, the Raptor’s entire flight envelope will be simulated by Link’s F/A-22 full mission trainers, enabling pilots to practice tasks including formation flight, air refuelling, takeoff and landing, emergency procedures and weapons delivery during air-to-air and air-to-ground combat missions.

F/A-22 full mission trainers will deliver a realistic training environment in which pilots are able to view out-the-window terrain and sky across a Link-built SimuSphere visual system display that provides a 360 degree field-of-view. A head-tracking system is used to follow pilot head movement to ensure that high-resolution computer generated imagery is displayed wherever the pilot turns his or her head.

F/A-22 weapons tactics trainers will provide pilots with extensive procedural training to enhance aircraft systems operation. Supported by a high fidelity tactical environment, the trainer will enable pilots to interact with simulated controls and displays representing the primary F/A-22 aircraft instrument panel. In addition to enabling pilots to practice individual and team weapon systems employment, weapons tactics trainers can also be used as an instructional system or mission generation system.

The F/A-22 egress procedures trainer will support all aspects of ground and in-flight egress and life support training. The trainer will enable pilots to perform tasks including cockpit safety, ejection seat inspections and ejection and canopy separation procedures.