Labview powers op amp selector

Analog Devices has launched a parametric evaluation tool for amplifiers that enables system designers to select, evaluate and troubleshoot voltage feedback operational amplifiers from the company.

By using parametric data to mathematically model the general behaviour of a selected amplifier, designers are able to select a component, quickly configure a circuit, apply a signal and evaluate the amplifier’s general performance.

The tool, available to users at no charge, is accessible on the Analog Devices Web site and requires no software download.

The parametric evaluation tool enables designers to check an amplifier’s parametric performance, such as bandwidth limitations, input/output range, gain errors, and DC errors in a given circuit configuration. By observing the limits specified by these parameters, the designer is ensured that the device is safely and reliably operating well within its optimal performance range.

The evaluation tool also offers several key features that aid in the selection of amplifiers from Analog Devices. For instance, once a circuit has been set, a designer can request a list of the amplifiers that would best fit a given design.

An ADI customer can then evaluate each component separately to determine which device best suits their design. Separately, interactive message flags issue a series of warnings if a circuit configuration may lead to damage of an amplifier, if the circuit yields degraded performance or if there is an issue the designer should simply be made aware of.

This feature greatly diminishes the possibility of costly re-designs to a circuit, provides reassurance that the circuit can meet performance objectives and supports troubleshooting efforts.

In addition, a selection Wizard is offered for less experienced designers who may require additional help choosing an amplifier. This particular option determines circuit configuration and component values and provides suggested amplifiers for a particular circuit design.

The ADI op amp evaluation tool is powered by National Instruments LabVIEW, which provides a familiar graphical user interface (GUI) and processes related computational tasks.