Lambda 5220

Labcell has introduced the new Lambda 5220 wideband analyser that takes fast measurements of Lambda, Air-Fuel Ratio (AFR), F (equivalence ratio) and % O2 (oxygen).


Labcell has introduced the new Lambda 5220 wideband analyser that takes fast measurements of Lambda, Air-Fuel Ratio (AFR), F (equivalence ratio) and % O2 (oxygen).

Manufactured by ECM in the USA, the Lambda 5220 analyser is believed to be the first such instrument with an onboard display, CAN communications and pressure compensation for in-vehicle testing. In particular, the CAN interface enables the instrument to be integrated with other in-vehicle systems and test instrumentation, and the pressure compensation makes the analyser far more accurate across a broad range of operating parameters.

ECM has used the same technology in the new analyser as it has in its other AFR analysers that are popular with the world’s leading automotive manufacturers. The new product will be attractive to automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, engine development and test houses, developers of fuels and lubricants, and motorsport teams. As well as the in-vehicle applications for which the Lambda 5220 analyser has been designed, it is also suitable for use with engine dynamometers and rolling roads.

Features that help to give the analyser its exceptional performance include CAN communications – plus RS232, USB and six analogue outputs – and built-in pressure compensation that ensures the analyser maintains its accuracy regardless of barometric pressure, altitude or how far the engine is from stoichiometric conditions.

Easy and quick to set up, calibrate and use, the analyser is suitable for developing and testing all sizes of internal combustion engine operating with any fuel, including hydrogen. With a response time of less than 150ms, a CAN interface and a facility for switching on and off with a signal from the vehicle’s ignition switch, the Lambda 5220 can be used in the loop during development of real-time emissions control strategies.

The Lambda 5220 is compatible with Bosch and NTK wideband sensors which are factory-calibrated. This calibration is stored on a chip in the sensor’s connector, which enables the sensor to be recalibrated in the field from the Lambda 5220.

Measurement ranges are 0.4-25 Lambda, 6-364 AFR, 0.04-2.5 F, 0-25% oxygen and 0-517 kPa. Accuracies are +/-0.1 A/F (at 14.6 A/F), +/-0.2 A/F (12-18 A/F) and +/-0.5 A/F (elsewhere), and +/-0.2% O2 (0-2% O2) and +/-0.4% (elsewhere).

Labcell is distributing the Lambda 5220 in the UK and Europe and provides full support and servicing from its facilities in the UK. Lambda 5220 analysers are available for delivery from stock.

More information about the Lambda 5220 analyser is contained in a new brochure that is available free of charge from Labcell. Contact Labcell now to request a copy. Telephone 01420 568150, e-mail, or visit the website at


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