Large-area image sensors

The RadEye1 from Rad-icon Imaging is a large-area image sensor comprising a three-side buttable, fully integrated CMOS photodiode array designed for both visible and radiation imaging.

The large 24.6 mm by 49.2 mm active area consists of a 512 by 1024 matrix of silicon photodiodes on 48 µm centres. Used directly to detect visible light, or with a scintillator to detect x-rays and other energetic radiation, the RadEye1 can be used in applications ranging from medical diagnostics to industrial inspection (NDT) and scientific imaging.

The RadEye image sensors are fully integrated with control logic and readout circuitry that allow the sensors to run off a single 5 V power supply and a master clock.

An optional frame start input can be used to control the frame rate externally between 0.01 and 4.5 frames per second. The device also sports asynchronous array reset, a high-speed binning mode, and a non-destructive readout mode. Video data is read out sequentially through a high-speed differential analog output at up to 2.5 MHz.

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