Laser sensor for under £100 is easy to use and flexible

A low cost sensor from ATC will operate as in diffuse mode up to 300 mm, allowing precise object detection at a distance far greater than is achievable with a standard photoelectric sensor. Beyond this range the laser acts as a retro-reflective sensor up to 45m.

The 7700 class 2 laser has an integral 8mm nano change style termination and a visible red 670nm light source. For total flexibility the unit can be wired either as a PNP or NPN output and can be set to light or dark operate simply by using the adjustment screw on the sensor body. The supply voltage is 10 to 30 VDC with a maximum switch output of 200mA. The housing is sealed in a rugged enclosure to IP65, the sensor being fully potted.

The beam, though not focused, retains approximate shape size and target detection over distance and the intensity can be adjusted when used in the diffuse mode to ensure correct detection of the required target.

With the competitive price of the unit there are many applications where the laser could replace a through beam fibre optic system or simply be an improvement on a standard photoelectric solution.

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