Lasers on the move

Quality and quantity can both be measured by a high-speed, laser scan micrometer developed by Keyence. Applications range from measuring the diameter of transparent or opaque extrusions, assessing the surface vibration of rotating optical discs and measuring the outer diameter of the mouths of transparent bottles. If two sets of transmitter and receiver are used, the diameter of very wide roller shafts, sheets or other wide objects can also be measured.

The Keyence system uses a 12-surface polygon mirror and a high-precision motor to achieve sampling of 1200 scans a second. The beam projected from a semiconductor laser is reflected from the polygon mirror and a planar mirror. The beam also passes through a collimator lens, spitting it into parallel rays which are projected onto the target.

The timing of the shadows produced as a result is then detected and converted into an electronic signal. The signal is then fed to the microprocessor. By raising the calculation speed and precision, the company has realised a measurement resolution of 0.05 micrometres. The system is capable of measuring objects up to 120mm in diameter.

A vibration suppression function has been included to facilitate the measurement of moving targets.

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