Last week’s poll: A budget for manufacturers?

George Osborne targeted energy as the key factor in supporting manufacturing in last week’s budget. Do you think the measures he announced — investing in new energy sources, capping the carbon price and extending compensation for energy intensive industries — will have the desired effect?

Responses were down for our poll last week, but 310 readers gave us their opinions on the measures announced in George Osborne’s penultimate Budget before next year’s general election. Skills were at the forefront of the minds of the biggest group, wiht 32 per cent saying that more support was needed for companies who want to invest in training. The next largest, 29 per cent, thought Osborne’s measures would benefit only larger manufacturers, while 16 per cent thought most manufacturers would benefit. Export support was called for by 11 per cent, while 12 per cent felt that they could not pick an option.


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