Last week’s poll: a conflict of interests?

Last week The Engineer asked if MPs should be allowed to hold external business positions, with just under half of respondents voting ‘No’.

That particular 46 per cent of respondents are of the opinion that being an MP should be a full-time job, although many MPs will argue that dividing their time between working in Parliament, within their constituencies and for their party goes beyond what most of us would define as ‘full-time’.

The Poll question posed by The Engineer was prompted by the recurring theme of MPs having conflicting interests, and 33 per cent of respondents agreed that ministers and members of Commons committees should be barred from interests which could conflict with their positions.

Just under a fifth of respondents (17 per cent) are of the opinion that external interests help keep MPs connected with the outside world, and the remaining four per cent believe that forcing MPs to give up external positions would reduce the number of people wishing to enter politics.


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