Last week’s poll: A fracking moratorium?

A bill calling for a moratorium on fracking until more is known about its environmental impact has been defeated in the House of Commons. Which statement best reflects your opinion on this?

poll feb

Last week’s poll found 69 per cent of its 1,564 respondents calling unequivocally for a greater understanding about fracking’s effects on the water table and seismic events.

A further two-tenths divided themselves equally between the opinion that: fracking is necessary to keep gas-fired power stations running without having to import gas; or that that the US’s experience in fracking gives the UK enough confidence to move ahead.

From the remaining three poll responses given, eight per cent agreed that fracking is inconsistent with efforts to reduce Britain’s dependence on fossil fuels, one per cent thought the regulation surrounding chemicals used in fracking and the cost of obtaining permits will make the process uneconomical, and two per cent of you didn’t agree with any of the possible responses offered by the poll.

Please continue to send us your opinions on this subject and the result of the poll.