Last week’s poll: a question of hats

Sainsbury Management Fellowship (SMF) has called for a ban on hard hats and clichéd images from advertising and promotion to improve the image of engineers and attract job applicants.

The humble hard-hat got an emphatic thumbs-down from over 200 respondents to our poll on this subject. Almost 64 per cent of respondents agreed with the Sainsbury Management Fellowship that portrayal of engineers wearing personal protective equipment is inaccurate and feeds into inaccurate and outdated stereotyping of the profession. The next largest group, 18 per cent, thought that consumers were savvy enough to see through the visual stereotyping used by the media. A little over 12 per cent of respondents defended the hard-hat, saying that it was integral to many engineering tasks and that potential engineers would have to get used to wearing them. A small proportion, 5 per cent, thought that integration of Google Glass into hard-hats might make them a more attractive proposition.

hard hat chart

What’s your take on this issue? Do the clothes make the engineer, or should the profession be portrayed with more variety? Let us know below.