Last week’s poll: addressing the skills gap

According to Engineering UK’s 2013 report, engineering companies will have 2.74 million job openings over the course of the current decade, but with many engineers now approaching retirement age the need to ensure a pool of future talent is more pressing than ever. How can industry help to address this issue?

The conclusion to be drawn from last week’s survey is that industry is not doing anywhere near enough to address the approaching engineering ‘skills gap’. Almost 85 per cent of respondents to our poll thought that industry needs to work more closely with government and teachers to work out how to attract schoolchildren to study STEM subjects. A little over 10 per cent thought that awareness of the role of engineers was growing, and this would lead to increasing popularity of engineering. A minority, 5 per cent, thought that industry should stay clear and leave the job of inspiring children to teachers and parents.


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