Last week’s poll: apprenticeships

Successive governments have pushed for expansions and improvements in apprenticeship schemes over the past ten years. Has this effort worked? 

A gremlin in the works prevents us from presenting last week’s poll outcome in 3D pie-chart format, but this shouldn’t prevent you from reading through results that might, to some, have a depressingly familiar ring to them.

The overwhelming majority (43 per cent) of respondents believe that students see a university course as a superior option to an apprenticeship, whilst a further 16 per cent agreed that students and employers understand the value of apprenticeships, with parents and teachers seen as those that need to be convinced.

A worryingly low five per cent of respondents agreed that apprenticeships are accepted alongside a degree as a valid route into an engineering career, and another five per cent believe smaller companies don’t understand the value of apprenticeships.

Another 15 per cent of respondents believe this is regional issue and that outside traditional industrial areas, apprenticeships are under-appreciated.

The remaining 16 per cent of respondents didn’t think there was an adequate option for them to choose and we’d like to hear their reasons why via the Have your Say facility at the bottom of this page. In fact, we’d like to hear from everyone with an opinion on this subject.