Last week’s poll: Astra-Zeneca takeover

The proposed take over of AstraZeneca by US pharmaceuticals giant Pfizer is controversial on many levels. With which do you most strongly agree?

In a strong response to last week’s poll, a small but clear majority of the 670 respondents, 50.4 per cent, thought that Pfizer’s primary concern in proposing its merger was to exploit the UK’s corporate tax rates and Astra-Zeneca’s anticancer drug portfolio. Another large group, 36 per cent, worried that job losses resulting from the merger could damage the UK’s skills base. Smaller groups opted for the other poll responses: 6 per cent thought it could be beneficial if assurances were provided on jobs and R&D; 4 per cent though the merger unlikely to happen; and just 1 per cent thought it could strengthen the UK’s position in the pharmaceutical industry.

AZ Chart

Last week, editor Jon Excell explained how the deal could be made to work for the UK. We’d still like to hear your opinion on this deal, and on the results of the poll.