Last week’s poll: Atlantic Array

Which option is closest to your reaction to German developer RWE Innogy’s decision to cancel its planned offshore windfarm in the Bristol Channel, The Atlantic Array?

We had a wide spread of opinion on our poll last week about the implications of RWE Innogy’s decision to cancel the offshore windfarm, Atlantic Array. The largest group of the 637 respondents, 44 per cent, chose the option saying that it was an indication of the government’s failure to create a stable investment environment for renewables, while the next largest, 30 per cent, chose an even harsher option, that it spells hthe beginning of the end for large offshore wind projects. A little over 15 per cent said it was a serious blow for the UK’s ability to maintain its generating targets, while 11 per cent said that the wind resource in the Bristol Channel was too promising for the project to lie fallow for too long.

Atlantic array

We omitted the option to say that the technical difficulties of the site were too high for the project to be feasible, but if this is your view, please tell us below — and let us know why you think this. We’d also like to hear any other opinions you may have on this project.