Last week’s poll: ‘Big Science’ projects

The UK pays to be a part of several large science projects, such as the Large Hadron Collider and European Extremely Large Telescope. It’s generally accepted that these help British scientists keep at the forefront of their fields, but it’s also claimed that there are also advantages for industry. To what extent do you agree with this?

chart23 june

Strong support for the UK’s participation in ”Big Science’ projects from the 275 respondents to last week’s poll. The largest group of respondents, 48 per cent, though the advantages to science and industry justified subscription fees to theser projects, while 23 per cent thought that even if the industrial developments did not pay back the subscriptions, it was still worth being a member. Only slightkly fewer, 21 per cebt, thoyught that even if there were no industrial payback at all, the rewards from participating in the science were sufficient justification. Only 7 per cent took the hard line that the UK should not pay to participate in projects where the payback does not outweigh the subscription.

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