Last week’s poll: biofuels

EU targets designed to increase the proportion of bio-fuel derived transport fuel to 5 per cent over the next year are now in effect in the UK. Is this a desirable mechanism for reducing emissions?

Biofuels got the thumbs-down from half of the respondents to our poll last week. The largest proportion of the respondents, 39 per cent, said that energy crops currently put too much pressure on land use, while 11 per cent said that increasing the proportion of biofuel in petrol and diesel would just lead to fuel price increases. A quarter of respondents said that expanding the use of biofuel was a good idea, but safeguards were needed to ensure that sustainability was maintained. Only 23 per cent were wholly supportive of biofuels, considering them an essential component of meeting emissions targets and maintaining energy security.


What’s your take on these results, and the biofuels debate in general? Let us know below.