Last week’s poll: Britain’s increasing ESA contribution

The UK’s contributions to the European Space Agency are to increase significantly. What will be the most important effects of this?

The public profile and the business prospects of the UK’s space industry are likely to be the beneficiaries of the UK’s 25 per cent increase in annual contribution to the European Space Agency, according to respondents to last week’s poll. Almost 40 per cent of respondents thought that the space sector, which is often seen as largely unknown to the general public, will become better known; while almost the same number, 37 per cent, thought that the industry will get more work. The smallest proportion, just below 8 per cent, thought that it would help UK space scientists recieve more funding, while 15 per cent thought that the increase would have little effect


We covered the first fruits of the increased contributions in this news story, but what do you think of this issue? Should we expand space spending still further, committing to more technology development for manned flights and maybe taking part in the launcher programme? Are we now at the right level, or are we wasting resources? Let us know below.