Last week’s poll: careers advice in schools

A new report is calling for comprehensive reform of school career guidance. Which of the following actions do you think would be the most important in achieving this?

We had a total of 413 responses to our poll last week. of which two biggest groups, both with 24 per cent of responses, thought that a greater emphasis on careers within the National Curriculum would be the most effective way to reform school careers guidance, and that businesses should be encouraged to form partnerships with schools. Only slightly fewer, 22 per cent, thought compulsory, structured work experience would be most effective, while 17 per cent thought the National Careers Service should provide face-to-face, rather than online-only, guidance. Only 7 per cent thought that careers shouldn’t be schools’ responsibility, while 6 per cent declined to choose a response.


What’s your feeling on this subject? Do you have any practical suggestions on how schools careers guidance can be improved? Are there any specific improvements that could help the engineering and manufacturing centres?