Last week’s poll: Chinese civil aerospace

The Chinese state-owned aerospace company, Comac, has rolled out a new twin-engined, narrow bodied airliner, the C919, many of whose components are sourced from the US and Europe. What is the wider significance of this?

Comac has entered the single-aisle aircraft market, and within it are a number of components sourced from companies outside of China.

We sought your opinions on the significance of this and just under half (46%) agreed that those companies should be wary of counterfeiting by outfits within China.

Interestingly, a fifth of respondents thought the introduction of the C919 marks the beginning of the end Airbus and Boeing’s duopoly, and 24% were divided equally in the belief that the new aircraft presents a significant trade opportunity, and that its too early in the aircrafts’ development to signal any concerns.

Less than a tenth (9%) thought the C919 would drive innovation in civil aerospace, and the remaining 1% did not agree with any of the options presented.


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