Last week’s poll: communicating high speed rail

With the publication of the route for the northward branches of HS2, the scheme remains controversial, with contrasting claims and counterclaims over its benefits and effects. How well do you feel the strategy behind HS2 has been communicated?

The debate over High-speed 2 remains lively in the pages of The Engineer, with many aspects of the project being questioned. As many questions crop up several times, we wondered how well our readers thought that the HS2 organisation was communicating the strategy behind the project and the way its technical aspects, such as routing, station building and rolling stock, are being planned and executed. The largest group of respondents, 48 per cent, felt that they had a clear grasp of what HS2 is supposed to achieve, with 28 per cent feeling that the thinking behind the project seemed uncertain. Almost as many, 24 per cent, felt that they had no idea what the HS2 organisation was up to, giving a narrow majority to those who were unsure about how HS2 — now the largest civil engineering project in the UK — is being communicated.


Do you feel that HS2 should get its message across more clearly? Is there confusion in the project planning? Is media spin and competing lobbying preventing the message from coming across? Do you feel that the project is being debated fairly? Let us know what you think of this issue below.