Last week’s poll: Defence review and Autumn Statement

The UK government’s latest defence review has included the announcement of increased spending on aircraft and special forces units. Meanwhile, the latest HM Treasury Autumn Statement was expected to include deep cuts which might hit health, industry and science. Which of these statements is closest to your feelings?


In last week’s poll we asked if spending on defence should take priority over expenditure on industry and science with the results showing respondents in a hawkish mood.

A total of 53% thought that spending of defence should be prioritised, but opinion was divided on whether such spending would make us safer (30%) in the face of current threats (23%).

A further 16% took the view that spending that bolsters economic growth – such as in science and education – should take priority over defence; and 14% agreed that spending to underpin infrastructure should prevail.

That leaves the remaining 17%, who didn’t agree with any of the suggestions we provided.