Last week’s poll: Discouraging diesel

London Mayor Boris Johnson is lobbying for a £10 additional charge for diesel cars to drive into Central London by 2020, and for road tax on diesel cars and all pre-2006 cars to  be increased, to counter air pollution. What option most closely matches your opinion on this?

 Boris Johnson’s proposals to penalise diesel to improve urban air quality wasn’t popular with the 886 respondents to last week’s poll. Half of respondents were entirely against hitting Tommy Taxpayer, saying it was unfair to penalise people who’d gone for what they thought was a more efficient form of engine. Almost a quarter thought Johnson’s proposal hit the wrong target, saying that pressure should be put on diesel engine makers to improve the performance of engines and reduce the harmful particulate emissions. Only 9 per cent thought the proposal should be enacted before its target date of 2020, beacuse of the risk of air pollution; while 7 per cent thought increasing tax on diesel itself would be more effective. Another 11 per cent did not pick an option.


The debate on this issue is already among the lievliest we’ve had on a poll. Please continue to send us your opinions.

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