Last week’s poll: dispelling climate gloom and doom

What would be the most powerful positive message the European Union could use to promote how low-carbon technologies can improve quality of life?

Our poll last week asked what messages the European Union might put forward to promote the positive side of meeting climate change targets, rather than relying on the ‘gloom and doom’ message of what would happen if businesses and individuals did nothing. The responses seem to indicate that our readers believe that appealing to people’s wallets was likely to be the most effective. A shade over 50 per cent of respondents said that the most powerful message would be that low carbon technologies improve energy efficiency and therefore reduce fuel bills. The next largest group, 25 per cent, said that developing green technologies would create jobs and businesses, while 19 per cent said that people would be swayed by the reduction of pollution and improvement in air quality. The smallest group, just 5 per cent, thought that the health benefits of cycling or walking rather than using cars would be the most powerful positive.


What do you think of these results? Should the EU be looking for positive messages? What else can be done to encourage the development of energy-efficient, non-polluting technologies? Let us know below.