Last week’s poll: energy provision

Guarantees of 40-year energy price deals are reportedly being offered to atttact investors to nuclear power. What part should public funding pay in energy provision?

A large response and a surprising result from last week’s poll on how energy provision should be funded. Of 350 respondents, a clear majority — 63 per cent — said that energy should be regarded as an essential and both infrastructure and its operation nationalised. The next largest group, 16 per cent, said that infrastructure building should be funded from the public purse, but its operation should be within the private sector. The smallest groups were close together, with just over 10 per cent saying that the energy sector should be prevented from coming under overseas ownership, and a similar number saying that energy should be regarded as a commodity, with both infrastructure and its operation being funded solely by private industry.


Do you agree with our respondents? Should the state pick up the tab for building, operating and maintaining power stations and the transmission infrastructure? Should it be entirely down to industry? In the absence of willing private investors, how much support should the state be prepared to give? Let us know below.