Last week’s poll: Engineering on TV

The way British television covers and depicts engineers and engineering often comes in for criticism. What would be the best way to improve it?

We had a wide spread of opinion on our poll last week, with no clear consensus among respondents. The largest group was something of a surprise, with 27 per cent calling for more programming specifically designed and scheduled for younger viewers. Behind by a small margin was factual programmes presented by working engineers — one commenter on our linked opinion piece pointed out that most presenters of technology programmes seem to have a science rather than engineering background. A televised engineering competition was the choice of 20 per cent — and in our comment thread, we’re seeing lots of support for the much-missed Great Egg Race (although our youngest member of staff doesn’t remember it). Next down with 18 per cent was a better representation of engineers and technologists on current affairs programming like Question Time, and the smallest group — 11 per cent — wanted to see engineers represented in drama series.

TV Chart

We’d like to hear more opinions on this, so please let us know your take on this topic below.