Last week’s poll: Establishing apprenticeships

The Labour and Conservative Parties are competing to put apprenticeships at the heart of their industrial policies for the upcoming election. With which statement do you agree most strongly?

Last week’s poll was dominated by 73 per cent of respondents dividing their opinions between the view that apprenticeships are valueless unless they lead to a structured career path (41 per cent), and those believing that a coordinated approach involving industry and academia is necessary to design valuable apprenticeships (32 per cent).

A further 12 per cent thought that the UK should learn from other countries that make better use of apprenticeships, nine per cent took the view that companies need help – other than financial – to ensure apprenticeships are more than basic training exercises.

The remaining six per cent of respondents to last week’s poll took the view that funding apprenticeships via a levy on bankers’ bonuses is a practical way to close the skills gap (four per cent), and two per cent failed to be vitalised by any of the options presented to them.

Establishing apprenticeships

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