Last week’s poll: final election thoughts

With the General Election campaiging period drawing to a close, which of the national parties (ie, those with candidates in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) is likely to be the best for the manufacturing sector?

Our pre-Election poll asked which national political party would be best for manufacturers and, as with our March 31, 2015 poll, the Liberal Democrats prevailed but this time with exactly half of the vote. The Conservative Party gained 37 per cent of the national vote in the General Election and 31 per cent in our pre-election poll, followed by the Labour Party with nine per cent, UKIP with three per cent, and the Green Party with two per cent. The remaining five per cent who responded were not satisfied with the options given.

Engineering an election victory

Note, our polls only allow six options, so we gave the choice of the parties that stood across the whole UK; we therefore could not give options for the SNP, Plaid Cymru or the Northern Irish parties, but please feel free to specify if any of these got your vote in the comments. The results of our previous election poll can be seen here.