Last week’s poll: flood mitigation

Large areas of the UK are subject to flood warnings. What would be the most cost-effective ways for engineering to reduce the risk of flooding?

It’s been a slightly less soggy week in much of the UK, but the ground is still saturated and 536 readers replied to our poll on how engineering could contribute to lessening flood risk. A clear majority of respondents, 53 per cent, agreed that the best way was imply to not build developments in areas which are at risk of flooding.


The next largest, 21 per cent, favoured earthworks and plantings designed to disperse floodwaters before they reached any buildings. A slightly more ‘engineered’ version of this, soakaway zones to absorb water run-off from roofs and pavements, attracted the support of 14 per cent; while the smallest group, 12 per cent, opted for storm drains and tanks separated from the general sewer system to handle rainwater.

Our upcoming feature on the proposals for a Thames Tideway Tunnel to supplement the capital’s sewer system will address several of these points. Please let us know your view on flood engineering below.