Last week’s poll: Flying cars

Forward-looking flying car specialist Terrafugia has unveiled a new autopilot-equipped STOVL concept which it says could be on sale in 8-12 years. But will the science-fiction staple of the flying car ever take off?

Terrafugia’s latest concept is an autopilot-equipped STOVL hybrid

Flying cars are still firmly in the realm of science fiction, according to the respondents for last week’s poll. Although 36 per cent of respondents thought that we might be taking to the skies as part of everyday travel, 16 per cent thought that personal duel-purpose air/road vehicles would only ever be the preserve of the wealthy. Only 6 per cent thought that the technical challenges of the vehicles themselves were unsurmountable, but the largest group of respondents, 43 per cent, thought that it would be too difficult to set up a safe ‘air highway’ system with traffic control.

flying car

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