Last week’s poll: Fracking in your backyard

Would you object to fracking (including exploratory drilling) taking place near your home?

Despite the frequent vocal support for fracking for shale gas in our comments sections, respondents to last week’s poll, asking whether readers would support fracking in their local area, revealed a deep unease about the technique. More than half of respondents, 56 per cent, said that they’d object to proposals even for exploratory drilling, because of concerns about the environmental and/or health impacts. Just over 10 per cent said that they’d object because of concerns over house prices. Just over 20 per cent said that incentives and benefit to the local economy would outweigh any concerns, while only 10 per cent said that they’d have no concerns at all.


What’s your opinion on this? Is this simply a case of NIMBYism, or are concerns about fracking, even those expressed by engineers themselves, not being clearly addressed? Isq local opposition likely to scupper fracking wherever it happens in the UK? What can be done to allay local concerns?