Last week’s poll: Funding and equality

The government is to award universities a share of a £200million fund to improve teaching faciltities if they ‘demonstrate commitment to equality and diversity’, to increase the proportion of women on STEM courses. Is this the route to success?

A clear majority of respondents to our poll last week supported the government’s move to award a share of a £200million fund to improve university engineering teaching facilities if the institutions demonstrated a commitment to equality and diversity. This is a move in the right direction, said 55 per cent of respondents. But a significant proportion disagreed, with 24 per cent saying that a strategy to retain female graduates in STEM jobs would be more important to improving gender balance in engineering, while 15 per cent said that career progression for women alreadt in STEM jobs was more important. Only 6 per cent thought that poor facilities were a major barrier to recruiting female students.


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