Last week’s poll: ‘Global Apollo’

A group of UK scientists and politicians, led by former chief scientific advisor Sir David King and former Cabinet Secretary Lord O’Donnell, have called for an Apollo Programme-like effort to cut the cost of renewable energy, where governments would dedicate 0.02 per cent of GDP on international collaborative research. What’s your opinion on this?


A slightly muted response to our poll last week, with 295 respondents to the efficacy of an idea for a ‘Global Apollo’ programme to reduce the cost of renewable energy. The largest group of respondents, 40 per cent, supported the basis of the concept, that government support and funding were necessary for the success of such an effort; while 13 per cent thought that only the free market could provide the impetus. Almost a quarter thought the supporters of the project had the wrong target in mind, sayinhg that fusion and better fission technologies would be a better target for an Apollo-like programme than renewables. Just 5 per cent though therre was no need for such a programme, and 4 per cent thought that the increasing price and scarcity of fossil fuels would be enough of a spur. Meanwhile, 13 per cent declined to pick an option, with several commenters noting the need for more R&D into energy storage.

Please continue to let us know your opinion on this subject.