Last week’s poll: Graduate employment

The roundtable feature in our current issue looks at issues surrounding graduate recruitment into engineering. Which of the solutions proposed in the feature would make the biggest contribution to boosting the number of graduates finding jobs in engineering and remaining there?

We received a surprisingly broad range of responses among the 227 replies to our poll last week. The largest group, a quarter of respondents, thought that employers should make it clearer that engineering provides a high proportion of well-paid jobs, in contrast to the relatively few high salaries available in sectors such as banking; while 21 per cent thought wider availability and take-up of industrial placements would help. The next largest group, 16 per cent, thought graduates were not well enough informed about the full range of engineering jobs available to them; while 15 per cent thought larger companies should receive grants to train graduates for SMEs without training facilities. A tenth thought universities should promote careers at SMEs, while 13 per cent declined to pick an option.


What’s your view on this topic? Is this an industry-wide, national problem, or should it be tackled on a regional basis? Who should bear the brunt of efforts: industry, universities or government? Let us know below.