Last week’s poll: Graphene and implants

Several recent discoveries have indicated that it might be possible to use graphene as the basis for biocompatible implants to replace lost senses such as sight and interfacing with prosthetics. How likely is this, and what are the main roadblocks?


A relatively small response for last week’s poll, posssibly owing to the rearrangement of our home page: for future reference, the poll can now be found towards the bottom of the right-hand column. Of the 151 responses, over half, 54 per cent, thought that there is no reason that graphene should not be used in implantable retinas and direct neural interfaces in the near future. The next largest group 21 per cent, thought that neuroscience needs to advance; 12 per cent thought that graphene manufacturing and purification needs to improve. The smallest proportion, 6 per cent, thought that the drawbacks of surgery were the major roadblocks.


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