Last week’s poll: ‘Green’ investment

A group including the World Bank, Deutsche Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development says that it will cost $14trillion (£8.8trillion) to ‘green’ the world economy and avoid the economic impacts of climate change. What technologies should be prioritised for investment on a global scale to have the biggest effect?

We focused on the technologies which we feel have the most potential to minimise the effects of climate change for last week’s poll. Non-carbon emitting energy generation were the most popular options. Far and away the largest group of respondents, 48 per cent, thought that investment should be prioritised on nuclear fusion — almost twice as many as the next largest group, which opted for large-scale solar technologies. The next group, 12 per cent, thought that carbon capture and storage should be the favoured target, while 8 per cent went for geoengineering. Only 7 per cent went for the option of living with the effects of climate change and protecting low-lying cities from rising sea levels.


Do you agree with these conclusions? How should the international community prioritise spending on these technologies: low-carbon power generation, reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, or protecting the population against the worst predicted effects of climae change? Or are there other options? Let us know below.