Last week’s poll: is Anglo-Chinese arrangement right for new nuclear

George Osborne claims that the government’s decision to guarantee £2bn of Chinese investment in the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station will shore up Britain’s nuclear energy plans and pave the way for more collaboration between the two countries. With which of the following statements do you most strongly agree?


The largest group of the 632 respondents to last week’s poll registered their discomfort with George Osborne’s announcement of a 2billion guarantee for Chinese investmnent in the Hihnkley Point C power station project on security grounds, with 61per cent saying that a country suspectyed of cyber-attacks against our allies should not be involved in domestic energy infrastructure. A further 7 per cent said that China’s poor human rights record made them uncomfortable with the announcement. Howevcer, 22 per cent decalred themselves happy with the deal, providing that the UK supply chain was involved with the project as much as possible, and five per cent welcomed the chance to bring the UK’s nuclear plans back on track, and a similar proportion thought that the project would be so expensive that Osborne’s guarantee would have little effect.

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