Last week’s poll: It’s the end of the world as we know it

Cambridge University is setting up a Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, to look at technologies which could threaten the survival of humanity. Of the four areas it is studying, which pose the most danger of rendering homo sapiens extinct?

We had a big response for last week’s poll, which asked which of the four study areas of Cambridge University’s new Centre for the Study of Existential Risk was the most likely to wipe out the human race. Some 39 per cent of respondents saw climate change as the harbinger of doom, while 36 per cent thought that biotechnology would bring about our end. The Terminator scenario of artificial intelligence wiping out its fleshy creators was the choice of 17 per cent, and 8 per cent thought that we’d be disassembled into grey goo by the creations of nanotechnology.


Do you agree with our respondents? Or are we more likely to go the way of the dinosaurs, wiped out by the aftermath of a massive meteor strike? Will a supervolcano eruption trigger our end? And should these other scenarios be included in the Centre’s studies? Let us know below.