Last week’s poll: Jaguar’s aluminium shift

Good news for the automotive industry as Jaguar announces its shift to aluminium chassis will create 1700 new jobs. What’s the most important implication of this announcement?

The engineering profession will be the biggest winner from Jaguar Land Rover’s announcement of a shift to aluminium chassis, according to respondents to our poll last week. Over half of the respondents — 52 per cent said that the 1700 jobs created will demonstrate the value of studying engineering. The next biggest group, 33 per cent, said that it would enhance the UK’s reputation as a centre for high-tech automotive development: the UK is already home to several large companies’ R&D operations, including Nissan’s. A minority of respondents, only 11 per cent, thought that the cars exported from JLR’s new aluminium facilities would help the balance of the UK economy. The smallest group, just 4 per cent, thought the main advantage would be to the UK’s aluminium forming sector.


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