Last week’s poll: Killer robots

A new campaign led by Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams is calling for a ban on ‘killer robots’ – armed autonomous systems capable of killing without human input; GeorgiaTech roboticist Ronald Arkin suggests a moratorium instead. What’s your view on these systems?

We had an unambiguous result from our poll on autonomous armed systems, with almost three-quarters of the 291 respondents saying there should be an unequivocal ban on developing ‘killer robots’. The next-largest group, 14 per cent, said that attack logisitics could be autonomous as long as target selection remained under human control. None of the other three options, for a moratorium while control systems were developed, autonomy for all systems other than weapons, or for armed forces being unwilling to adopt unmanned armed systems, gathered more than 5 per cent of the vote.

kiler droids

What’s your opinion on these results, and this subject in general? Let us know below.