Last week’s poll: military robots

From the unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) increasingly used to strike at targets thousands of miles away, to a host of robotic vehicles, animals and even humanoids currently under development robots look set to dominate the battlefield of the future. Should we be worried?

There was a definite split in the responses to our poll last week, with large numbers of respondents in both the ‘concerned’ and ‘unconcerned’ camps about the development of unmanned systems for the defence sector. The largest group — the 40 per cent who said that they weren’t worried about military robots, focused on the spin-off from the research that might find applications in other sectors; but the next largest, 37 per cent, saw the development as an escalation in the arms race. Just under 20 per cent said that robots will reduce human casualties in the battlefield, while the smallest group, 4 per cent, thought that legal issues would prevent the use of robots in war.


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