Last week’s poll: Professional status

Who should be allowed to use the term ‘Engineer’ as a professional title?

We had a high response for last week’s poll, on professional statud of engineers and who should be able to use the title ‘Engineer’. Unsurprisingly, the largest proportion of respondents, almost three-fifths, said that it should be restricted to holders of recognised professional qualifications — although we didn’t stipulate which qualifications, or who the recognising body should be. We’d like to hear your ideas on this in the comments. The next largest group of respondents, a little over a quarter, said that only members of professional bodies should be able to use the title. Again, there is room for clarification here: does this restrict the title to those with the ability to pay a subscription? And again, which professional bodies, and who should be the recognising authority? The smallest group, 15 per cent, said that anybody who performs a hands-on technical role should be able to call themselves an engineer. But does this leave out some people who should, by any definition, deserve the title?

title chart

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