Last week’s poll: Proposing HS3

Chancellor George Osborne has suggested that a high-speed rail line should be built connecting Manchester and Leeds, to help redress the current domination of London in the UK economy. What do you think of this proposal?

Would anyone from Manchester admit to wanting to go to Leeds (above) or vice-versa?

Considering the depth of opposition to the plans for HS2, we were surprised by the amount of support shown by the 484 respondents to our poll for the proposed HS3 line linking Leeds and Manchester. The largest proportion of respondents, 29 per cent, thought it a good idea and likely to boost the economies of the UK’s northern cities; while 18 per cent thought it should even take precendence over HS2. Another 11 per cent doubted it would have any economic rebalancing impact but still thought it was a good idea. However, 2 per cent agreed with the most common criticism of the plan — that the current rail link between Manchester and Leeds, with upgrade plans already in place, are sufficient; and 8 per cent thought otther cities should be linked (LIverpool and Manchester were mentioned most often in comments). while 9 per cent declined to pick an option.


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