Last week’s poll: range anxiety

Tesla has unveiled technology that can swap a battery pack in 90sec — quicker than a conventional car can be refuelled. What will be the best way to ease range anxiety issues on EVs?

Technology innovation remains the overiding concern for respondents to last week’s poll, with 42 per cent believing a breakthrough in battery technology is required to alleviate range anxiety. A third of respondents believe standardised batteries and a ‘hot-swapping’ network was key to the issue, with a further 10 per cent opting for dynamic inductive charging. 15 per cent of respondents are of the opinion that the best way to allay range anxiety is the availability of widespread fast-charging points at service stations and car parks. This portion of respondents will be pleased to learn that £37m was made available earlier in the year by the government for the roll-out of electric vehicle charging points in Britain.

What’s your opinion on electric vehicles and range anxiety? Let us know below.

Last week's poll - range anxiety