Last week’s poll: Robot butlers

James Dyson, who this week invested £5 million in a new robotics lab at Imperial College London, claims that the age of the domestic robot is almost upon us.  With which of the following do you most strongly agree?

Well over 700 responses to last week’s poll on domestic robot revealed a wide spread of opinion on the subject. Almost equal numbers — 33 per cent and 32 per cent respectively — thought that humanoid robots would appear on the battlefield long before the home, and that there was no need for a humanoid domestic robot when devices such as washing machines, dishawashers, internet TVs and smart meters are already in our homes. A fifth of respondents were more optimistic, predicting domestic robots within the next decade, but 7 per cent thought they’d only be available to the super-rich. Some 8 per cent of respondents held an opinion not covered by our poll options, and we’re particularly keen to hear from them in the comments.


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