Last Week’s Poll: Russia and the UK’s energy security

What influence, if any, should current tensions with Russia have on UK energy policy?

 As tensions deepen in the wake of the latest Malaysian airlines disaster, European governments are concerned that Russia  – which provides around 50 percent of Europe’s gas – may cut off the supply. What impact do you think these concerns should have on the UK’s energy policy?


Of the 699 readers who responded to last week’s poll, the largest proportion, 42 per cent, favoured increasing investment in renewables to reduce dependence on Russian gas, while another 38 per cent thought that fracking would provide the best result. Just 5 per cent thought that other countries would provide more stable sources of oil and gas, while 4 per cent thought that politicla tensions were unlikely to affect the supply of Russian gas.

According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change, 87 per cent of UK gas imports come from Norway and from LNG imports from Qatar, neither of which sell on any Russian gas. Of the remaining 13 per cent, DECC estimates that only a very small proportion could have originated in Russia, comprising less than 1 per cent of total UK gas imports.

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