Last week’s poll: Scottish Independence

From the point of view of engineering and industry, would it be a good thing or a bad thing for Scotland to vote for independence?

Unsurprisingly, with the vote on Scottish independence now just a couple of weeks away, our poll on the subject attracted a high number of respondents and generated plenty of lively debate. It also revealed that Scottish readers of The Engineer are roughly divided on the business impact of Scottish independence.

Of over 1225 respondents, the largest group, 50.2 per cent, were non-Scots who felt that independence would be bad for Scottish industry. Meanwhile, 16.4 per cent of those voting were non-Scots who felt that a “yay” vote would be good for Scotland.

In a reflection of wider expectations that September 18th’s referendum will be a close-run thing Scottish voters were divided on the potential impact, with 14.7 per cent saying that independence would be good for business, and 16 per cent saying that it wouldn’t. 

Interestingly, Scottish voters initially favoured independence, but the  “nay” camp received a boost following the publication – at the end of August – of a letter from a number of business leaders warning that independence would be bad for industry.

Poll results September 2, 2014