Last week’s poll: should China invest in HS2?

The Chinese government is reportedly keen on investing in HS2. Does this change your point of view on the project?

In September this year The Engineer asked how HS2 should proceed and 39 per cent of you said it shouldn’t, preferring that the project is cancelled immediately.

Last week’s poll looked once more at the high-speed rail project, this time factoring in news that the Chinese government is reportedly keen to invest in HS2.

Once more, respondents were unequivocal in their outlook with 42 per cent agreeing that the project is poorly conceived and should not go ahead, regardless of where the funding comes from.

A further 20 per cent thought foreign investment acceptable but only with countries that the UK has historical ties. Another fifth of respondents rejected the idea entirely, saying the UK should not seek foreign investment in infrastructure projects.

Less than a tenth thought HS2 should go ahead if Chinese investment reduced the burden on UK taxpayers and a corresponding nine per cent agreed that more effort should be made to raise money from UK investors such as pension funds.


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