Last week’s poll: the 4G Spectrum

Debate has begun on how the proceeds from auctioning off the 4G spectrum, which could, it’s believed, raise around £4billion. What would be the best option for this money?

We had a close result in last week’s poll, on what should be done with the proceeds from the upcoming auction of the 4G wireless spectrum. By a narrow margin, the largest proportion of respondents, 32.5 per cent, thought the proceeds should go to building large-scale infrastructure projects, but just behind on 30 per cent, the next largest thoight the money should go to the general Exchequer to reduce the deficit. Of the two options which have actually been raised, the idea floated by shadow chancellor Ed Balls, to build affordable housing, thereby providing some stimulus for the construction sector, recieved the support of 20 per cent of our respondents, while the option put forward by Imran Khan of CaSE, the Campaign for Science and Engineering, that it should be invested in blue-skies research, won the smallest proportion of respondents, at 17 per cent.

4g chart

What’s your opinion on this issue? Should this windfall from a science-related market be ploughed back into technology? Or should it simply go back to the Treasury? Let us know below.